‘Modernise major ports, drop Enayam seaport idea’

PMAEICTT says experts point outthat new project is unviable

Instead of concentrating on technically and commercially unviable Enayam International Container Transhipment Terminal, the Union government should modernise the existing major harbours for handling specific cargoes, coordinator of People’s Movement Against Enayam International Container Transhipment Terminal (PMAEICTT) Jasiah Joseph has said.

While welcoming the induction of Sahita Akademi award winner and sailor Joe De Cruz into the National Shipping Advisory Committee, Mr. Jasiah Joseph said the experts, who were opposing Enayam International Container Transhipment Terminal, were arguing that the proposed port would be commercially and technically unviable as techno-commercial feasibility report on Enayam port and the guidelines of the Ministry of Environment and Forests were strengthening their argument.

Land issue

Moreover, the hinterland and the special economic zone, which should be created as part of ‘Sagarmala port’ as being advocated by the Union government would require a vast extent of land. Since acquiring several hundred acres of land required for the hinterland and the SEZ in a place like Kanniyakumari district, were population density was quite high, was not possible, the Centre should give up its move to create the Enayam terminal.

“Instead, the Centre should concentrate on modernising the existing major ports so that these seaports can handle specific cargoes as being suggested by Mr. Cruz,” Mr. Joseph said.

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