`Migration of talent must be encouraged'

CHENNAI OCT. 22. Students of MBA must have reasonable understanding of not just the area of their study but also functional areas like Human Resource and Systems to survive in the era of convergence, K. Pandia Rajan, managing director, Ma Foi Management Consultants Limited, said today.u

He was delivering the Business Line Club Lecture at the Thiruninravur-based Jaya Engineering College here.

Mr. Pandia Rajan spoke on `Migration of talent versus migration of business processes'. While maintaining that the quality of HR output of India was ``comparable to global standards'', he said migration of talent needed to be encouraged.

``Suppression of migration of talent leads to migration of business processes,'' he said, pointing out that the entry barriers and visa problems created in the United States had led to migration of business processes to places where talent was available.

The principal, K. Natarajan, spoke.

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