Medical ethics

Sir, — Refer to the article "Medical ethics" (Oct. 21). Those in the medical profession consider it their prime duty to offer considerable comfort and counselling to their patients. Whenever necessary, most of us do not hesitate to talk to a colleague, which is of immense benefit to the patients. As pointed out, more emphasis can be laid on medical ethics in the curriculum.

Dr. S. Gnanagurudasan, Vellore, T.N.

* * *

Sir, — The so-called noble profession is deteriorating not because of the lack of patients' awareness or saturation of the profession, but because of the medical professionals themselves.

In the face of stiff competition, ethics take a backseat. It is true that most doctors lack vision. Students of medicine are taught by teachers who are practitioners — most of them hardly have any right to teach ethics.

Dr. P. Selvaraj, Pondicherry

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