Medavakkam Road suffers severe damage

CHENNAI OCT. 31. Monsoon rain has left Medavakkam Main Road so severely damaged that it takes nearly an hour to reach Adambakkam from the Quaid-e-Milleth college, a stretch of eight kilometres.

The road connects Adambakkam and the Velachery Main Road and serves as an important link for people living in Medavakkam and nearby places to have easy access to the city.

The rain in the past few days have depleted the black topping on this road, barring a few stretches. Right from Kovilambakkam, the road is pothole ridden and worsens as the road passes through Nanmangalam, Keelkattalai and Puzhudivakkam. The Keelkattalai bus terminus is covered with sheet of water forcing buses to be parked outside.

All along the road, pools of water stagnate in the dents, forcing traffic to move at a snail's pace. The problem is at its worst at the Madipakkam and Ullagaram market areas, where slush makes travelling a hazardous experience.

The road comes under the Saidapet Division of the Highways Department, which has not taken even the slightest of precautionary measures prior to the onset of monsoon. A senior official said that work would be immediately attended to.

Elsewhere, for cyclists and road users of the Station Border Road at Chromepet, it is a nightmarish experience with huge potholes coupled with slush lying all along. As usual, the GH at Chromepet has been inundated, with water threatening to enter the wards. Water is filled to the brim in the rear portion of the hospital, with no outlet for the water to flow. Kancheepuram Collector, K. Rajaraman visited the GH, apart from rain affected areas in the Ullagaram-Puzhudivakkam Town Panchayat.

Knee-deep water has stagnated on GST Road infront of the Vetri theatre, resulting in traffic snarls. Residents were of the opinion that had the Municipality worked with a foresight, they could have removed the blocks in the culverts across the National Highway so that water could have flowed across to the other side.

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