Marathoner's new mission

If Sunita Godara, one of Asia's leading women marathoners with over 66 full runs to her credit, was able to win 25 golds, 12 silvers and 12 bronzes in her career, it was due to the discipline of body and mind that accrued to her from yoga and other nature cure techniques.

Even at 42, the appetite and enthusiasm for a good marathon contest has not waned for Sunita, who has run over a distance of 105,000 km in her life. As a woman struggling against all odds, she had to have immense control over her mind which too became possible, thanks to yoga.

``I have often experienced body fatigue in the course of a race. But yogic practice involving not just exercises but a strict regimen of discipline helped keep my mind in perfect condition which, along with auto-suggestion prompted the body to go on,'' she says, recalling the heydays of Asian Marathon.

Having benefited from this discipline, Sunita now wants to share the secrets of success with others who wish to get ahead in their lives by achieving control of body and mind. To achieve this objective, she has planned a day-long Health Awareness Workshop for youth, women and children on January 27.

Designed as an innovative and instructive programme with sessions and workshops on stress management, aerobics, yoga, meditation, nutrition, diet and healthy living, it also incorporates special lectures linked with health and physical fitness such as self-determination, independence and responsibility.

``Being a sportsperson, I feel both medical sciences and nature cure techniques can have good benefits for sports. But they are pulling in different directions at present,'' says Sunita, who has also been organising the ``Health Fitness Carnival'' run involving school children for three years now. This year, the run will take place at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on April 7.

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