Malayan denies Sampath charge

CHENNAI NOV. 9. The DMK leader in the Corporation Council, C.V.Malayan, today denied the charges of the Local Administration Minister, M. C.Sampath, that the former Mayor, M.K.Stalin, was responsible for the present inundation problems in the city.

In a statement here, Mr.Malayan said the main reason for the existing situation was the inaction of those at the helm of affairs in desilting the canals during the last one and half years. During the previous regime, temporary workers were appointed to desilt the canal in all 155 wards. But, such a move had not been done by the AIADMK after it came to power.

Mr. Malayan also recalled that immediately after Mr. Stalin took over as the Mayor in 1996, Chennai experienced a heavy rainfall. "The then Mayor and the Chief Minister undertook inspections and facilitated the execution of immediate relief measures", he recalled.

The DMK floor leader also said a sum of Rs 76.44 crore was spent during the previous Corporation Council regime on stormwater drains, during which construction and repair works were taken up for 223.6 km. Likewise, an amount of Rs. 220.3 crore was spent on roads from 1996 to 2001.

He said the "only achievements" that the AIADMK could boast of in the last one and a half years were the snatching away of the post of Mayor from Mr. Stalin, frequent transfers of the Corporation Commissioners and violation of the Corporation council norms.

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