‘Lukoskin’ to rescue persons living with vitiligo

: Here is good news for those who are suffering from leucoderma or vitiligo (depigmentation of skin) and undergoing untold psychological trauma due to the allied social stigma, as an ayurvedic formulation synthesised by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) of Ministry of Defence reportedly provides effective remedy.

According to K. Umapathy, secretary, Leucoderma Awareness Movement – India, the auyrvedic medicine, comprising an ointment and an oral liquid, which is marketed in the name ‘Lukoskin’ after comprehensive clinical trial should be administered for 300 to 400 days to patients for better results.

During the clinical trials, it has been proved that there are no side-effects to persons consuming Lukoskin with dietary advice like avoiding acidic foods, citrus fruits, non-vegetarian and fast foods, beverages like cool drinks, detergents and soaps etc.

While success rate among women under the age of 40 years during clinical trial was 81.25 per cent within 90 to 250 days of medication, it was 60 per cent among women above 40 years of age. Maximum recovery was found among women below 40 years.

A 11-year-old boy from Perumalpuram in Palayamkottai having leucoderma, who was about to be expelled from the school in which he is studying during the beginning of this academic year due to this disorder, started taking the medicine in February and is showing encouraging progress.

“Now, the school has decided to retain my son, thanks to DRDO’s Lukoskin,” said the boy’s father Chidambaram, a senior-level officer with Department of Customs and Central Excise.

“Since Tamil Nadu has 36 lakh persons and India houses over six crore persons with leucoderma, we want to popularise the efficacy of this medicine developed by DRDO.

Moreover, these popularisation programmes will also erase the social stigma over this skin disorder and make the people understand that leucoderma is not a disease; it is not contagious; it is not hereditary,” said Mr. Umapathy, who himself has been affected by leucoderma.

As part of the popularisation programme, the Leucoderma Awareness Movement – India has proposed to conduct a seminar at Tamil Development and Cultural Centre at NGO ‘A’ Colony (near RTO Office) here on July 7 between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. in which the advantages of Lukoskin, dosage to be taken and the dietary advice will be given by experts.

“We’re planning to conduct similar awareness programmes in schools and colleges across the district to enlighten the students, if they or their relatives have leucoderma,” Mr. Umapathy said.