‘Thoranai’ team confident of attracting the masses

COMMERCIAL: A promotional still from Thoranai

COMMERCIAL: A promotional still from Thoranai  


With a right mix of action, sentiment and comedy

CHENNAI: With ‘Thoranai,’ starring Vishal and Shriya Saran, all set to hit the screens next week, the team is confident that the strong script and fast-paced storyline will be the key factors in propelling the response to the movie.

The movie promises to entertain the audience with a right mix of action, sentiment and comedy.

“It satisfies all the yardsticks of ‘commercial’ movie. I am sure Tamil audience will love it,” says its director Saba Ayyappan, who makes his debut as a director.

The bi-lingual ‘Thoranai’ is also being made in Telugu and set for release on the same day. Saba Ayyappan is excited about the venture, which he hopes will be an ideal launch-pad for his career. “I hail from a small hamlet near Tirunelveli. I entered the film industry with hopes of becoming an actor. But now, I have no regrets,” he says.

He has acted in movies like ‘Ananda Poongaatre’ and Charlie Chaplin until a chance to be an assistant director came his way. Having worked with directors such as Viji and Mouli in ‘Alli Thantha Vaanam,’ ‘Nala Damayanthi’ and ‘Pammal K. Sambandam,’ Saba Ayyappan believes humour element is an integral part of any movie. “Comedy makes a movie entertaining and action paces up the story. I want my audience to be entertained and feel the money spent on the movie ticket is worth every penny.”

Vishal says the movie’s script is strong enough to attract the masses. Like his last movie ‘Satyam,’ the megaphone for this is wielded by debutant. The same is the case for his next movie ‘Theeradha Vilaiyaatu Pillai.’

“It has got nothing to do with my personal liking. I picked the scripts that appealed to me and they happen to come from new directors. I am confident that my next movie will also shape well under the direction of a debutant,” he says.

Successes of his earlier movies that were dubbed in Telugu have prompted him to make this movie too in Telugu.

“I thought this movie will suit the taste of both the audience and will also expand my market in Telugu film industry.”

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