‘Jaganmohini’ release restrained till tomorrow

Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: The Madras High Court on Tuesday restrained J.H. Murali, proprietor, Murali Cine Arts, T.Nagar, here from releasing the Namitha-starrer ‘Jaganmohini’ till October 15.

Justice G. Rajasuria passed the interim order on an application by A.Alagappan of Gandhinagar, Adyar. In his affidavit, Mr.Alagappan said he had filed a suit against Mr.Murali for the recovery of Rs.12,16,000 together with further interest under a distribution agreement of January 2004 by way of refund of the additional security of Rs. 4 lakh in respect of distribution rights of the Tamil picture ‘Bose’.

He submitted he had paid Rs.40 lakh to the respondent on minimum guarantee basis under the agreement and also additional security of Rs.4 lakh over and above the minimum guarantee amount. But ‘Bose’ did not run well on release. He suffered a loss. Being a minimum guarantee agreement, he could not ask for the deficit from the respondent of the minimum guarantee of Rs.40 lakh. But he was entitled to get refund of Rs. 4 lakh paid as additional deposit.

The distribution period of five years ended in January this year. Since then he had been asking for the refund of the additional deposit with interest, but the respondent had all along been promising to settle the dues, stating that only at the time of release of his forthcoming film would he be in a position to settle them.

He waited so long, but it was of no avail. He came to know that the respondent was attempting to release the film ‘Jaganmohini’ all of a sudden without publicity, the applicant said.