Lorry owners threaten stir if demands not met

The State Lorry Owners Association has urged the State government to reduce VAT on diesel. It has also highlighted various other demands as their livelihood has been severely affected due to the COVID-19 crisis.

M.R. Kumarasamy, president of the association said that as crude oil rates have gone down globally, the State government must consider reducing VAT on diesel like the Delhi government. The association has also sought reduction of excise tax imposed by the Centre.

The association demanded exemption from quarterly tax payment and demanded extension of interest free moratorium for payment of interest to loans for another six months. The organisation also demanded extension of vehicle permits, driving licence for another six months beyond September 30 and extension of vehicle insurance for another six months.

The association said that a decision would be taken regarding strike during the executive committee meeting on August 20, if the governments do not respond to their demands in two weeks.

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