'Litigation has hit development in Girivalam area'

CHENNAI Nov. 1. The Aadhi Annamalai Welfare Association in Tiruvannamalai has called for a solution to end the downturn owing to the litigation over the development of the temple town, especially in the `Girivalam' area.

The president, M.K. Karunanithy, noted that because of the litigation, no housing development could be done even in one's own patta land. So the land value had come down and even labourers migrated in search of jobs.

The matter of developments around the Girivalam area was before the Supreme Court, which granted time to the Tourism Ministry to come out with a scheme. A stay order was in place against further development around the area in question.

The area in question came under the jurisdiction of five village panchayats.

The people living here were not well-to-do.

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