“Re-engineer education programmes”

Special Correspondent

VELLORE: The Secretary, Department of Biotechnology (DBT), M.K. Bhan, has called upon universities to re-engineer the education programmes, especially the medical and science education programmes in order to provide for innovative solutions to social problems.

Delivering the keynote address on the topic, ‘Integrating Basic Sciences into Public Health,’ at the 7th Winter Symposium 2009 organised by the Department of Community Health of Christian Medical College here on Thursday, Mr. Bhan said that the DBT has granted 200 biotechnology projects in the last one year. Medical educationists should factor in social purpose with innovative schemes.

“Traditional education does not produce effective people. India needs to invest substantial funds to produce the kind of people who would provide solutions to social problems”, Mr. Bhan said.

Academic sciences should include education and research and business markets should include market in social solutions.

Traditional leadership should understand these initiatives and move forward in the direction guided by these initiatives. But, this approach did not exist in most medical schools in India, unlike in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other major educational institutions in the developed world, where there is tremendous internal innovation without losing core values.

Mr. Bhan said that medical and science educationists in India should think of designing courses for biologists and physicians to enable them to do medicine.

He called upon the CMC to set an example of an institution capable of handling the change, by designing such courses.

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