“Patients with no risk factors have heart disease”

Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: In an analysis of the CT scans performed with 64 Slice CT on 4,000 persons at the Apollo Heart Centre, radiologists found that half the patients who had no risk factors already had heart disease.

Stressing the need to identify heart disease in the early stages, Rochita Venkataramanan, consultant radiologist, Apollo Hospitals, said 10 per cent of the 4,000 people scanned had no hypertension, diabetes, smoking habits, high cholesterol or family history of diabetes. Half of them had heart disease. These were the five main factors for heart disease. “However, we were picking up heart disease in people with none of these risk factors at the time of scanning. They are sure to develop them in the next 10 years.” she said.

The scans were useful in picking up not only heart disease but also risk factors before they entered the clinical phase. As such, doctors could provide warnings to the patients, advising them to undertake lifestyle changes that would prevent the onset of any, or many, of these factors.

Another study of the metabolic syndrome conducted among 7,000 patients, showed that 80 per cent of the men who had abdominal obesity had heart disease, Dr. Rochita Venkataraman said.

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