“Make traffic convenient on Convent Road” City pulse

NO WAY: Traffic snarls on Convent Road in Tiruchi.   | Photo Credit: — PHOTO: R.M. RAJARATHINAM.

M. Balaganessin

Reintroduction of one-way will help ease congestion: residents

TIRUCHI: Convent Road at Melapudur here has been an epicentre of traffic chaos, with a large volume of vehicles passing through this narrow road.

Branching off from Bharathiar Salai, it is dotted with three schools, aggravating the problem in the morning and evening hours with a large number of autorickshaws, two-wheelers and four-wheelers being parked. A number of buses from the Central Bus Stand to the Chathiram Bus stand passes through the road.

The road mainly accounts for scores of service centres for two-wheelers and spare-parts shops. At least three two-wheelers are parked in front of every service centre, reducing even the available space for road-users.

Congestion does not just stop at Convent Road alone but has its cascading effect on Bharathiar Salai, another adjacent thoroughfare. As Convent Road leads to Bharathiar Salai, traffic police personnel find it difficult to regulate huge volume of vehicles at the junction point.

Any bit of space on the road has been a bone of contention among the shop-keepers and the customers visiting the shops. Every shopkeeper keeps a vigil on vehicles being parked in front of the shop, politely chasing away those who are not their customers.

A cross-section of two-wheeler mechanics points out that lack of space at their shops forces them to service the vehicles on Convent Road. The space available at their shops is just sufficient for stocking their tools.

Parking of lorries for unloading the spare parts often leads to traffic chaos. A large number of four-wheelers can be seen parked in front of the shops.

Although some effort was taken in the past to regulate traffic on Convent Road, it was given up later. For instance, Convent Road was closed for traffic - except during school hours - by setting up manned gates on its either ends. The gate was opened to auto-rickshaws and other vehicles only prior to the start and closure of the schools “But, it led to more serious problem on Bharathiar Salai, as all the four-wheelers and two-wheelers were parked at Melapudur,” say the local residents, explaining the compelling grounds for the removal of the manned gates.

Introduction of one-way traffic went down well with the road-users. But, it was in force only for a brief period only to be withdrawn within a few months after its introduction. Residents feel that re-introduction of one-way traffic would help ease congestion to some extent. The road should be closed to lorries during day-time.