“If norms are met, no need for load shedding”

R. Sairam

TNEB wants full compliance from HT consumers

MADURAI: Load shedding for all domestic consumers, numbering 17.96 lakh household connections and 1.14 lakh hut services, may not be necessary provided all industrial units in the region comply with restriction and control measures of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB), according to K. Balasubramanian, Chief Engineer (Distribution) of Madurai region.

The five districts under Madurai region are Madurai, Theni, Dindigul, Sivaganga, and Ramanathapuram. This region has 576 high tension industrial connections, 3.35 lakh commercial service connections, 23,829 industrial connections (other than small scale industries) and 19,043 public water supply services.

“The gap between supply and demand has come down by nearly 60 per cent owing to the new norms. While many high tension consumers are complying with the norms, some are not,” the Chief Engineer told The Hindu here on Monday.

Load shedding reduced

Citing an example, he said that on November 14, the region’s total demand was 970 MW, and the Board met 865 MW.

Prior to the introduction of the new regulations, the Board had to resort to load shedding for five hours. Now, this has been reduced to two hours and 40 minutes.

The TNEB was pursuing the matter with HT consumers and making efforts to ensure full compliance.

The reduction in agricultural demand also provided some relief to the Board and this helped the authorities in stabilising the supply in rural areas. Farm connections are being provided with three-phase supply (which is needed for running pump sets) for six hours during day and four hours at night.

“By and large, farmers are adhering to the new system,” Mr. Balasubramanian said. However, some problems were persisting on the rural side. Some farmers were using capacitors and other equipment to upgrade the two-phase supply, which was given for six hours, to three phase for running their pump sets.

“We are appealing to the agriculturalists not to resort to such methods,” he said.

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