Laudable gesture

India should have been greatly relieved by Iran's magnanimous decision not to rescind the LNG deal despite voting against it at the IAEA meeting. Iran's large-hearted gesture is indeed laudable. The cartoon (Sept. 30) is an eloquent expression of India's predicament.

P.K. Varadarajan, Chennai

* * *

The statement by Ali Larjani, secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, that "friends should not be judged by a single action" is proof of Iran's sincerity. There is still time for India to rectify its mistake when the subject of Iran comes up for discussion at the IAEA board meeting in November.

S. Mahaboob Basha, Adoni, A.P.

* * *

Just about a decade ago, when Pakistan was all set to humiliate India before the United Nations over a dreaded resolution on Kashmir, it was Iran that was instrumental in defusing the crisis by prevailing over Pakistan. The political sagacity showed by Teheran then has sadly not been reciprocated by New Delhi now.

Rex S. Arul, Smyrna, Georgia, U.S.

* * *

The Non-Aligned Movement has lost much of its significance politically with the end of the Cold War. It is now a unipolar world with the U.S. bullying other nations into accepting its dictates in international fora. Iran and India being leading nations of the Non-Aligned Movement should cooperate with each other in all spheres, particularly economic development. India should keep its interests foremost and should not get bullied by the U.S.

K.M. Reddy, Sullurpeta, A.P.

* * *

The truth is that Iran needs our $21 billion, which will accrue to it in the LNG deal, badly.

J. Thaddaeus, Coonoor, T.N.

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