Krishna receives final report on reforms

BANGALORE, DEC. 27. The Chief Minister, Mr.S.M.Krishna, has asked the heads of the government departments to submit reports on how to carry out ``rationalisation'' of their establishments in the light of the final report of the Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) headed by the former Law minister, Mr.Haranahalli Ramaswamy.

Speaking after receiving the report, Mr.Krishna said that he wanted the reports to be submitted to the Government by January 15, 2002. Based on their reports, he wanted to present something ``concrete'' regarding administrative reforms in his next Budget (for 2002-2003).

He said the report of the Commission was revealing. He had not realised that there was such a large number of superfluous offices and posts in the Government. It was after a gap of about 30 years that such a commission had gone into the working of the Government and recommended reforms.

Qualitative changes in the administration were imperative to take it to the doorsteps of the people, he added. Praising the report and the efforts put in by Mr.Ramaswamy, the Chief Minister said that the width and depth of the report were amazing.

It was a creditable contribution to reforms.The senior civil servants should study the report in detail.

Mr.Krishna noted that after Karnataka set up the commission, some other States followed suit. The Government was serious in implementing the recommendations of the commission, he added.

Mr.Ramaswamy noted that the interim report of the Commission submitted to the Government in December 2000 had attracted the attention of the Prime Minister, Mr.A.B.Vajpayee. Tamil Nadu had set up a similar commission, and the Chief Secretary to the Maharashtra Government had evinced interest in the interim report. He had gone according to schedule and presented the final report on time. The report was finalised after wide consultation.

The Secretary to the commission, Ms.G.Latha Krishna Rao, explained the salient features of the report to the Chief Minister, the ministers, senior officials and others. A team from the World Bank was also present on the occasion.

The members of the commission were Mr.Blasius D'Souza, former Law Minister, and Mr.V.Balasubramanian, former Additional Chief Secretary.