Kelkar report

Sir, — If the Government accepts the Kelkar report, it will be detrimental to the interests of the middle class. The elimination of standard deduction and removal of savings-oriented Section 88 and Section 80L, etc., will pinch the pockets of the salaried class. In India, people save more than 25 per cent of their income, which is one of the highest in the world. Despite the economic slowdown, there was not much pressure on the domestic front due to this thrift culture. Let them not be punished for this good quality.

Bharath B.N., Hulsoor, Karnataka

Sir, — It is nor fair to eliminate standard deduction since it is a special deduction given to the salaried class to meet the expenses incidental to performing their duties. This is a deduction given just like business expenses allowable while calculating business income.

A standard amount of deduction is also permissible for repairs and maintenance while calculating house property income. Tax incentives for savings should also be retained.

K. Narayanan, Payyanur, Kerala

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