Karnataka to launch new tourism policy

HYDERABAD Aug. 10. Karnataka Tourism has launched an all-out bid to carve out a larger share of India's tourism pie and is aggressively marketing the historical and natural attractions of the State.

Addressing the press here today, the Karnataka Tourism Minister, D. B. Inamdar, said the new tourism policy of the State emphasised on building up tourism infrastructure through public and private partnerships. The State also wanted to participate in the plan to co-market the "Southern Circuit'' in collaboration with its neighbouring States. He said that since Karnataka had already built a strong brand in the IT sector, it was now turning towards tourism as a crucial driver of its economy in the coming years. Though Karnataka got 1.2 crore domestic and 2.7 lakh foreign tourists it was making efforts to increase these figures, said S.M. Acharya, principal secretary, Karnataka tourism department.