Karan Singh for furthering Indo-French relations

Suggests construction of a French pavilion at Auroville international zone

Staff Reporter

PONDICHERRY: The Chairman of the Governing Board of Auroville Foundation, Karan Singh, has suggested that a French Pavilion be constructed in Auroville's international zone to further Indo-French ties.

Speaking after releasing two books on Thursday, Dr. Karan Singh said the French, unlike the Portuguese, gave up their possessions peacefully.

The French Consul-General Michel Seguy, members of the Auroville's governing board Ajoy Bagjhi, Aster Patel and Roger were also present. The books that Dr Karan Singh released were "Unir des Hommes: Jean Monnet" by Christine Devin, which is about the Father of Europe; and "Pondicherry: Perspectives of a British Consul- General" by Claude Arpi.

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