Kanchi Mutt case

Sir, — This refers to the report that the special police team from Tamil Nadu that went to New Delhi in pursuit of `Appu' and Ravi Subramanian — wanted in connection with the Sankararaman murder case — returned empty-handed (Dec. 5). With proper coordination with the Delhi police, could not the suspects have been nabbed if they were indeed there?

R. Sridhar, Miri, Malaysia

* * *

Sir, — The article, "Acharya's arrest: lack of crisis management" (Dec. 5) is right when it says that the defence is not adequately pressing for the seer's remand in a guesthouse.

S. Ganesh, Chennai

* * *

Sir, — First, the Tamil Nadu police claimed they had clinching evidence against the seer; then came the revelation about the cell-phone conversations and bank transactions, followed by an account of how his great escape to Nepal was thwarted in time. Usha of Srirangam turned out to be a beneficiary of the Mutt; two of the co-accused retracted their statements and at last came news of the so-called confession on video. Is this what we mean when we say the law will take its own course?

B. Ramya, Bangalore

Sir, — It appears that all has not been well with the Kanchi Mutt for quite some time and that many people have been aware of it. No one bothered to take any corrective step, perhaps fearing adverse consequences. If only people had joined hands and questioned the activities in time, the damage to the Mutt's reputation could have been minimised. By looking the other way, the well-wishers of the Mutt have only done a dis-service to the great institution.

N.K. Pasupathy, Coimbatore, T.N.

* * *

Sir, — Given the allegations against him, it is time the seer accepted responsibility for bringing disrepute to the Mutt and handed over the administration to someone else. It will take years for the Mutt to regain the lost glory because both the Sankaracharyas seem to have allowed a coterie to grow around them.

Bala Baskaran, Nairobi, Kenya

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