Jogi's turn

Sir, — After Dilip Singh Judev, it is now Ajit Jogi's turn to deny the charge of bribery against him and claim that the cassette on which he was allegedly heard offering money to BJP MLAs was doctored. Experts should develop a foolproof system to recognise voices on tape.

M.K. Gupta, New Delhi

Sir, — Such tit for tat games only show the extent to which our politicians can stoop. Only we, the people, are to blame for having voted such leaders to power.

Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee, Faridabad

Sir, — The latest controversy in Chhattisgarh has further dented the credibility of politicians. If the allegation against Mr. Jogi is true, he should be taken to task.

Rajnish Raj, New Delhi

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