Job working powerloom units seek higher wages

Job working powerloom units in Coimbatore and Tirupur districts have appealed to the master weavers to increase the wages by 80 per cent.

Almost 2.5 lakh powerlooms in Coimbatore and Tirupur districts do job work for the master weavers and get wages for the work depending on the quality of the fabric produced. These units give direct employment to two lakh workers and the average daily production in a loom is 50 metres of fabric (two shifts).

The last wage agreement was signed in 2011 and the job working units received about 40 per cent increase in wages. Power costs have increased almost 100 per cent during the last two years, says P. Kumarasamy, secretary of Coimbatore District Job Working Powerloom Unit Owners’ Association.

Units that were paying Rs. 10,000 as bimonthly power charges are now paying Rs. 17,000. Almost 15 per cent of the wages that the job working units receive go towards power charges. Raw material prices have also shot up. Hence, the job working units have sought 80 per cent increase in wages this year.

“We have submitted our memorandum to the master weavers, District Collectors and the labour department officials,” he said. “We expect talks to start soon in this regard,” he said.

The job working units have also appealed to the State Government and the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco) to provide concession in tariff to powerloom units that have up to 15 HP motors.

Mr. Kumarasamy said that powerloom units that have up to 10 HP motors get concession in power tariff. Others pay Rs. 5.50 a unit.

The Tangedco is installing digital meters in all the units and these meters show overloading even in those units that have 10 HP motors.


The Tangedco is levying penalty on these units now. Apart from the motor, the industries need power for lighting too. Hence, the ceiling for concession in tariff should be increased to 15 HP, he said.

The Union and State Government should give the powerloom units 50 per cent subsidy to go for solar energy. Almost all the powerloom units will install solar systems if the Government gives subsidy, he said.

The last wage agreement was signed in 2011

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