Janakiraman deplores selection process

Pondicherry Dec. 4. The opposition leader in the Pondicherry Assembly, R. V. Janakiraman (DMK), has called upon the Government here to ensure that its policy of posting employees did not cause frustration among the youth.

Referring to the `irregularities' alleged in the process of selection for the post of attendants in the Department of Animal Husbandry and Animal Welfare through a written test, he said that the entire process deserved to be condemned in strongest terms. Normally whenever tests were held or recruitment was made the practice would be only 20 candidates would be called for one post. But the haphazard manner in which the test was conducted inviting more than 3000 candidates had come to cause frustration and dejection among the jobless youth.

Mr. Janakiraman said right from the day of assuming office the present government had been conducting written tests even for the post of Group `D' wing of employees.

This was absolutely objectionable, he said.

Either those who had already been working in the department could have been promoted to the post or those working on daily wage system in other departments could have been absorbed in the posts.

Instead of adopting this practically acceptable system of selection, the administration had caused frustration and despair among the youth.

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