Its own medicine

Sir, — The murky situation being faced by the BJP in Uttar Pradesh is due to the failure of the party high command to realise the old adage "As you sow, so you reap". About half-a-decade ago, the BJP split the BSP and the Congress and gave ministerial posts to everyone who broke away from his party and supported it. Now, it is at the receiving end with some dissident MLAs giving it a taste of its own medicine. The party should take strict action against them and try to put its house in order.

M.D. Ravikanth, Kancheepuram, T.N.

Sir, — Your Editorial "A murky situation" (Nov. 20): The Congress has rendered a major "service" to the BSP-BJP combine by abstaining from voting in the recent Legislative Council poll in Uttar Pradesh. By doing so, it has only opted for a wrong priority vis-�-vis its high talk of fighting communalism. Had it voted for the Opposition candidate, it would have rendered the tottering ruling alliance, a lethal blow. When it has got so much at stake, it should have taken a step to disturb the unholy alliance, rather than standing on its false ego of not being consulted before the nomination of the Opposition candidate.

In a tit-for-tat move, the Samajwadi Party has announced that it will contest 120 seats in the coming Gujarat elections, sensing little that it would only split the anti-BJP votes.

If it really means business, it should abstain from the move and muster its energies to put all the secular votes in one bag.

K. Malikul Azeez, Chennai

Correction: In the letter of Mr. Ashok Lal, published in these columns on Saturday, the reference was to the coinage ``Hindu Sthaan'', not Hindustan.