Is targeted section getting relief ?

Special Correspondent

TIRUCHI: It's now an open secret that several people in Tiruchi have benefitted, rather undeservingly, from the relief given by the State Government for the flood hit people. The government's decision to give the special flood relief package of Rs.1,000 and essential commodities to all the cardholders under the identified Public Distribution System shops has resulted in several residents who were unaffected by the floods getting the relief. The residents of posh apartment complexes in places such as Thennur did not mind waiting in the queues to get the relief. "Why decline the money that comes your way without asking?" some of the residents reasoned. Residents in other unaffected parts of the city have also started clamouring for the dole and started petitioning the district authorities.

In a few places, some enterprising councillors have even distributed photo copies of a standardised format for these petitions. The petitioners only had to fill-in their names and forward it to the authorities. Strangely, these copies were distributed even in areas where most of the government employees reside.

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