International flower show begins in Hosur

S. Prasad

75 new varieties of roses raised in this region are on display

Breeders from Israel, Kenya, France, Holland, Italy, Spain, Columbia and Australia are participatingAll varieties displayed have a high potential in the world marketsPesticide manufacturers, suppliers of pot plants and tissue culture units have put up stalls

Hosur: Hosur blooms in full colour. The occasion - its opportunity to play host to the second international flower show. The industrial town has chosen to tap its strength in horticulture by attracting international buyers, importers of roses, flower growers and domestic buyers to the flower show to bring more investment in the floriculture sector.

For the first time, 75 new varieties of roses grown in this region have been displayed at the flower show, which was inaugurated here on Thursday Leena Nair, the Agriculture, Production Commissioner, and Secretary to Government, Leena Nair.

"The objective of this exhibition is to bring awareness among the people that the area is highly suitable for different types of flowers especially roses and to encourage more growers to exploit the untapped floriculture industry. All the varieties displayed at the flower show have a high potential in the world markets when compared with flowers from major exporters," says a floriculturist.

Thirty-six stalls have been erected at the venue. Global companies, financial institutions, growers and breeders from Israel, Kenya, France, Holland, Italy, Spain, Columbia and Australia are participating. Rockwood anthuriums, orchids, gerbera, Bird of Paradise and tuberoses are the major attractions in the show.

Along with this, pesticide and pot plants suppliers, tissue culture units, plant material suppliers and International Flower Auction Centre at Bangalore are also participating in the exhibition to provide farmers and growers better exposure about fertigation and irrigation techniques and marketing opportunities.

Commissioner of Agriculture Marketing and Agribusiness to the Government, K. Ganesan, and the Collector, Mangat Ram Sharma were present.