International day against drug abuse

CHENNAI JUNE 26. Drug money has been a major source for fundamental and terrorists organisations world wide. In India, there was evidence to show that organisations such as LTTE in the south and terrorists in Kashmir and North-East were resorting to narco-terrorism using drug money. The main strategy of any preventive approach was to reduce drug availability by statutory control, speakers at the International Day against Drug Abuse and Drug Traffic celebrations, said here today.

Laws were passed to control production, supply, import, export, sale, prescription and possession of drugs. The principle behind this was that sufficient drugs should be available for medical requirements, but no surplus. Drugs should be controlled to prevent their being diverted for abuse, they said.

The programme was organised by the National Academy of Customs, Excise and Narcotics. The current scenario in the global drug trade and on-going drug abuse problems were discussed.

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