Integrated farming system to be introduced in Tirupur

To provide value-addition in farming activities and arrest the falling farm incomes in the district, the Department of Agriculture is set to introduce ‘Integrated Farming System' practices on a commercial basis in the entire 13 blocks.

The integrated system is the concept of judicious mixing of poultry, mushroom cultivation, fisheries, agro-forestry, goat/cow rearing and sericulture along with the main agricultural crop cultivation on a unit area which could help bring prosperity to farming.

“To start with, the system will be implemented in one village each of the 13 blocks,” P. Thangaraju, joint director of Agriculture, told The Hindu .

Technical support

The farmers will be given technical support to kick-start the allied ventures and preference to avail subsidy assistances earmarked under various government schemes, he said.

For a district like Tirupur where small and marginal farmers with land holdings of less than two hectares are predominant, the integrated farming will be of great significance as it could enable the farmers fetch stable income through products like egg, milk, mushroom, vegetables, honey and silkworm cocoons obtained from the linked activities all through the year.

At present, they are heavily dependent on income from mono-cropping system which alone is popular in the district.


Meanwhile, the mixed farming system of crops and animals are more efficient, remunerative and conducive for people with small farm holdings in both irrigated and rain-fed conditions.

“Another advantage is that such all-season agriculture activities will generate regular employment for the family members of small and marginal farmers thus, preventing any possible migration of profession,” Mr. Thangaraju said.

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