Indo-Pakistan ties

Sir, — I refer to your editorial "Surprising turnaround" (Dec. 3). India-Pakistan relations are progressing towards normalisation and can be tuned into friendly relations if there is political will. None of the countries can afford the cost of constant confrontation.

Alok Dubey, New Delhi

Sir, — The Karachi-Bombay sea link was the cheapest mode of travel between the two countries as long as it lasted. Pakistan and India should give due priority to its resumption.

As for rail links, it is a matter of regret that the Khokrapar-Munabao link has remained suspended for 38 years even though a lot of passenger traffic is generated from Karachi and Sindh. The route is the shortest and the most economical. It is hoped that the issue will be discussed in the talks between the General Manager, Pakistan Railways, and his counterpart in December.

Justice (retd.) Salahuddin Mirza, Karachi

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