Indirect result

Sir, — I would like to bring out a contradiction in V.R. Raghavan's article `Military persuasion or provocation' (Feb. 12). He says that "war was not an option available to India. Nor is that option available now, and is unlikely to be, in the future." It is presumed that Pakistan too is aware of this fact. If so, what threat do we pose to Pakistan, except possibly, to tie down its troops to the border? The author has stated that our deployment compelled Pakistan to ban militant outfits from operating in Jammu and Kashmir. The statement of Pervez Musharraf of January 12 is the direct result of U.S. pressure, persuasion of the European Union and our shrill cries. Yes, our deployment indirectly affected the outcome to the extent that the U.S. and the E.U. wanted to prevent a flare-up.

Col. (retd.) Deepak Das,


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