India and OIC

Sir, — This is with reference to the interview with the former Indian Ambassador to Morocco, Gurbachan Singh, "India, Pakistan and the OIC" (Nov. 17). The Indian delegation was not at all allowed to attend the Organisation of Islamic Conference at Rabat. "India is not an Islamic nation by any stretch of imagination, though the fact remains that its Muslim population is thicker than ours. If it is allowed to attend the conference, we are going to stage a walk-out," said the Pakistan delegation. All the other Islamic nations, not wanting to incur the wrath of Pakistan, asked the Indian contingent to keep off.

Though India was prepared to go to any length to appease these countries, the recognition of Israel was delayed because of political pressure from them. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed returned home "a sad but wiser man".

"Woman" Yahya Khan — he earned the epithet for referring to the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, as "this woman" — made it clear that he would be the last person to allow India to attend the conference.

V. Kameswaran, Chennai