Illegal sand mining rampant

The dry Markandeya River near Kurubarapalli in Krishnagiri district.

The dry Markandeya River near Kurubarapalli in Krishnagiri district.  

Agriculture, water supply in Krishnagiri district hit

Illegal sand mining in the main water sources such as South Pennar and the river Markandeya has affected water supply and agriculture in Krishnagiri district.

Kodiyalam, Kelevarapalli Dam and KRP Dam are the main water sources for Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri districts. Many representations by farmers and social activists to supply water from South Pennar to Bargur, Veppanahalli, Berigai, Mathur and Uthangarai have not evoked any response from the authorities.

Many agriculture wells in Krishnagiri and Pochampalli areas have become dry because of rampant sand mining in South Pennar and other branch rivers.

M. Dharman, president of Tamilnadu Vivasayigal Sangam, said that Santhapuram, Odamangalathan, Agarathan and Pendaraalli canals had become dry and the groundwater table had gone down due to sand mining.

According to TWAD Board sources, water supply in rural areas have been affected as the borewells on the river beds were damaged by the earthmovers used by the sand miners.

The dry Markandeya also has become a rich source for the sand miners.

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