IIM controversy

Sir, — P.V. Indiresan's article, "The IIM controversy" (Feb. 26) points out the irrationality of the decision to reduce the fees in the Indian Institutes of Management. The Government could have at least introduced a graded fee structure. It is sad that such `improper' decisions are taken when there are millions of children below the age of 14 who do not have access even to elementary education.

Lakshmi Sukumar, Cherthala, Kerala

Sir, — It is inconceivable that the institutes' academic standards will decline in the absence of high fees. Corporations that are the direct beneficiaries of business education can make up for the shortfall.

Krishna Kalyan Raman, Oak Brook, Illinois

Sir, — Mr. Indiresan's confession about the recommendations he made while on the committee on the All-India Council for Technical Education is shocking. However, his admission that an error indeed occurred while he was at the helm is commendable.

Shyam Krishnan, Pilani, Rajasthan