Ignoring advice, Theni woman gives birth at home

High drama prevailed for two days at a house in Thendral Nagar in the district, as a young man was reportedly adamant in assisting his pregnant wife in delivering a baby in their house, and refused to go to hospital.

The police said that Kannan, 28, and Mahalakshmi, 25, had got married recently.

Ms. Mahalakshmi, who was pregnant, had reservations in consulting a gynaecologist as she feared the doctors may force her to undergo a Caesarian section. Kannan’s father Danushkodi objected to the idea of his son and daughter-in-law having the delivery at home. When they refused to go to hospital, Mr. Danushkodi lodged a complaint with the PC Patti police station.

Inspector of Police Manimaran, AWPS (Theni) Ramalakshmi and a team of doctors from the Cumbum Government Hospital went to their residence and tried to convince the couple to go to the hospital.

As they were adamant about their decision, the officials obtained a letter from Mr. Kannan and his wife.

On Thursday night, when the woman, assisted by Mr. Kannan, delivered a baby boy in their home, the umbilical cord was not removed. Mr. Danushkodi informed the police, and doctors went to their house and convinced the couple that non-removal of the cord may have consequences.

Finally, Mr. Kannan agreed to consult Siddha doctors and the Deputy Director (Health) Varadarajan arranged for the doctors and the umbilical cord was safely removed. Both the mother and the baby were safe.

About 10 days ago, when a couple in Tirupur decided to have a delivery in their house, guided by video clips on YouTube, the woman died due to excessive bleeding. The woman, K. Krithika, and her husband J. Karthikeyan, chose to deliver their second baby at home. The woman died following profuse bleeding post delivery.

‘Step up vigil’

In the light of a woman dying during childbirth at home in Tirupur recently, the Health Department has asked all deputy directors to prevent such practices.

The Health Department has also stressed the need to increase awareness among the public.

Health Secretary J. Radhakrishnan said that such practices put the lives of both the mother and the child at risk. The practice amounted to offences including attempting and encouraging delivery through unqualified persons, false and misleading advertisements, he said, and noted that the State had achieved almost 100% institutional deliveries.