I am feeling the pinch: Antony

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, JAN. 31. The Chief Minister, A. K. Antony, says he is feeling the pinch of the cut effected on the salaries of Ministers.

The Cabinet had decided cut the salaries of Ministers by 20 per cent recently.

While replying to questions from presspersons at the Cabinet briefing today, the Chief Minister noted that the cut of about Rs. 2,500 effected on the salaries of the Ministers was large enough to affect their family budget.

When a reporter pointed out that the Ministers were even going abroad on their own, Mr. Antony said some of the Ministers were born in rich families. They could not be blamed for that.

The Chief Minister did not reply when a reporter asked whether the six "ex-cadre" posts in the Cabinet would be abolished.

"I want you to support the austerity measures being taken by the Government though you may ask all sorts of critical questions," he said.

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