Hybrid solar technology to power all electrical devices

The conventional rooftop solar plant is capable of powering lights and fans.

However, hybrid solar technology developed by Chennai-based Basil Energetics Private Limited is now capable of operating all electrical appliances.

The solar plant would power homes during day time and take power supply from the electricity grid at night.

R. Ramarathnam, chairman of the company, said the Smart Microgrid Solar System is a technology similar to the rooftop solar plant; the difference is in the installation of hybrid appliances including air-conditioners, refrigerators and ceiling fans along with a solar grid controller. He said the solar plant comes with a complete package having a solar panel and super efficient electrical appliances that could operate both on alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC).

The solar system package starts at a price rate of Rs. two lakh, Mr. Ramarathnam added.

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