`Help police in preventing illicit distillation'

VELLORE, AUG.21. The Vellore Collector, S.Gopalakrishnan, has appealed to the women's self-help groups (SHGs) in the villages to help in preventing and detecting illicit distillation of arrack.

Inaugurating a procession of women's SHGs condemning illicit distillation at the Nethaji stadium here on Saturday, the Collector said that whenever the members of the SHGs get information about the practice of illicit distillation in their villages, they could convey the information over the phone to the police so that immediate action could be taken to nab the offenders. The illicit distillers deserved to be boycotted, he said.

The Superintendent of Police, Vellore district, N.Rajasekaran who presided said that the police has completely eliminated illicit distillation of arrack in the villages located on the 120 hills in the district.