Help police eradicate illicit liquor, women SHGs told

THANJAVUR, MARCH 24. The Collector, M.Veera Shanmugha Moni, today sought the help of women self-help groups to put an end to the evil practice of brewing and selling illicit liquor.

Speaking at a seminar on eradicating illicit liquor, organised by the police department here today, he said that 124 persons in the district, who were brewing and selling illicit liquor, had been rehabilitated, when they evinced interest in leading a new life after giving up the illegal practice. They had been provided with loans to purchase milch animals, sheep, cattle and for doing small business like running petty shops.

If the illicit liquor brewers want to lead a normal life, the administration and the police were ready to help them, the Collector said.

He said that poisonous substances like dried up batteries, rotten fruits, old jaggery, ammonium chloride were used to prepare illicit liquor. If the people consumed the liquor they might get cancer and lose eyesight.

Later, he distributed police identity cards to women self-help groups to identify the evil practice of brewing and selling illicit liquor in their villages and take action against hose involved in the practice with the help of the police.

J. Rajendran, Superintendent of Police, called for people's cooperation in putting an end to the evil activity of brewing and selling illicit liquor. "If the people decide not to drink, then illicit liquor brewers will not stay in the village. If the people in all villages decide not to drink illicit liquor, then the practice will die a natural death with no takers for it.''

He said that people should not shirk their responsibility when it came to public service. They should not think that the police alone should do the needful. They should cooperate with the police.

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