Help police enforce statutes to protect human rights

PONDICHERRY, AUG.14. The Superintendent of Police, S. Shanmugasundaram, has called upon the youth and volunteers of organisations like the Solidarity Committee to assist the police in adopting the procedural guidelines as contained in various Statutes to protect human rights.

Addressing a two-day workshop on human rights organised by the Indian Solidarity Committee (Pondicherry branch) in collaboration with the Bangalore based Vigil India Movement here today, Mr.Shanmugasundaram said that the police personnel did not themselves have human rights but were keeping vigil and protecting the rights so that society would live in peace.

He referred to certain cases where the accused resorted to such tricks as to embarrass the police while detecting cases of murder or theft that were daunting the society.

The Education Minister, K. Lakshminarayanan, who inaugurated the workshop, said that democracy and freedom should go hand in hand.

Delegates from different colleges participated.

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