HC eases conditions for MLA

CHENNAI OCT. 22. The Madras High Court today relaxed the ``unusual conditions'' it had imposed on the Purasawalkam MLA, B. Ranganathan, while granting him anticipatory bail in a criminal intimidation case.

On September 17 Justice M. Karpagavinayagam directed him to reside in Madurai from September 22 to 26 and read Gandhian literature at the Gandhi Museum library there. From September 29 he was to report in the Gandhi Study Circle at the Thakkar Baba Vidyalaya here and read Gandhian books until further orders.

After complying with the conditions, Mr. Ranganathan on October 14 filed the present petition, along with an affidavit, that the books on Gandhi had inspired him.

He said he would ``take earnest steps through the Assembly to ensure that every politician compulsorily read books on Gandhiji''.

Appreciating the attitude, Mr. Justice Karpagavinayagam said, ``it clearly indicates that the petitioner has been attracted by the Gandhian concept, and that he will follow the same in future''. He was pleased to ``notice that the judiciary is able to play its part to make a citizen of India, that too an MLA, realise that indulging in violent activities would not be the panacea for problems, and that only Gandhian principles would lead to correct path''.

``Unhesitatingly congratulating'' Mr. Ranganathan, the judge said, ``instead of carrying revolver and gun, we could carry in our hearts the truth and righteousness, the implements given by Mahatma Gandhi to create the bright India. This court positively hopes that Gandhi will be born again, not one, but several,'' observed Mr. Justice Karpagavinayagam.

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