Grab outsourcing jobs, young women told

CHENNAI Dec. 7. Information and biotechnologies are today offering young women tremendous new career opportunities, especially in the context of business houses outsourcing non-core activities, M. Anandakrishnan, Chairman, Madras Institute of Development Studies, has said. Technology had in the past decade changed the personal, social and professional lives of people in unprecedently. One no longer needed to stand in queues to book a railway ticket, go to banks for effecting a financial transaction or make an investment or to go out to get entertained. The Internet and other information-communication technologies changed the way "we do all this." Colleges had to prepare students for interacting in a continuously changing world and facing emerging situations with confidence. Delivering the K. Vasanthi Devi endowment lecture at the Ethiraj College for Women, here, Prof. Anandakrishnan said it would be wrong to assume that only a few scientists and engineers brought about all the changes. "It is you and people around you who are making the changes," he told the young women. The scientists required the support of professionals with different capabilities, skills, talents and knowledge.

Referring to one area of change, he said several businesses worldwide were confining themselves to their core activities. Non-core activities were all outsourced.

Several countries were realising India's capabilities in handling outsourcing jobs. Today, India was earning $ 4 billion dollars (Rs.18,000 crores) by taking up outsourcing work and the figure could go up to four-fold in five years. This growth sector offered several career opportunities, especially for talented women. At the same time, they should overcome the handicaps of mobility — they should be prepared to move around the country and even to other countries in pursuit of this career, he said. Prof. Anandakrishnan later handed to N. Gomatinayagam, general manager, Indian Overseas Bank, the proceedings of a national seminar on `Women entrepreneurship and economic development', organised by the Ethiraj College in December 2002.

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