Government to give full subsidy for micro-irrigation programme

: As much as 5,000 acres in this district would benefit by the micro-irrigation programme for which the government would give cent per cent subsidy, Collector Darez Ahmed said here on Thursday.

According to an official release, he was speaking at a meeting with farmers of Veppur panchayat union regarding farming operations, bank loan and adopting various agri-allied activities.

Mr. Ahmed pointed out that rain-fed crops played a major role in this district. Of those, small onion was the most important.

As directed by the Chief Minister, raising nursery and transplanting the same with government subsidy had helped farmers immensely.

In order to maintain water economy drip irrigation had been implemented in 3,008 acres for which Rs. 13.17 crore had been sanctioned.

The Collector said cooperative institutions would extend a crop loan of Rs. 120 crore this financial year.

Of that so far 1,439 farmers had been disbursed Rs. 6.78 crore interest-free crop loan.

In Veppur union, 260 farmers had been disbursed Rs. 1.83 crore as crop loan.

He was happy to note that Veppur union had been contributing substantially towards milk procurement as well. About 30,000 litres of milk had been procured from 44 milk producers’ cooperative societies. By selling the produce immediately and directly, farmers were able to get only a marginal profit, he said.

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