Government neglecting primary education: teachers

CUDDALORE, AUG. 14. The Tamilaga Aarambapalli Aasiriyar Koottani has said the Tamil Nadu Government has failed to pay adequate attention to primary education, which is evident from the recent Collectors' conference where the subject was conveniently omitted.

In a statement here, S. Abdul Majid, general secretary, said the Collectors were acting as the fulcrum for implementation of the "Education for all" scheme and yet the conference did not deem it fit to take up the issue.

The Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa, had announced that Rs. 4,500 crores had been allocated for education this year. But no concrete measures seemed to have been taken to fill up teacher posts in primary schools, he said.

The Koottani was concerned over the fact that the conference totally sidelined the problems dogging primary education such as construction of additional wings in schools, obtaining building loans from banks, filling up vacancies of teachers and headmasters.

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