Government move to privatise TNSTC flayed

Staff Reporter

SALEM: The Tamil Nadu Transport Corporation Staff Federation (TTSF) has criticised the State Government for its efforts to privatise the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC).

The government, it said, was acting in favour of the private operators, thus, undermining the public sector unit, which, despite several hurdles, had registered a profit of Rs. 14.44 crores during 2004-05.

While taking credit for the profitable operation, the government should also focus on the development of the TNSTC. On the contrary, it tried to sell the corporation. Moreover, the TNSTC operated buses in uneconomical routes and provides concessions to various sections of public. All these would come to an end, if the TNSTC was given to the private operators, the State president of the Federation, D. V. Padamanaban, said.

"Recently, the government has given route extension to the private operators. Further, it intentionally overlooked the omni bus operators, who operate like stage carriers. The State Express buses needs immediate upgradation as the average age of the express buses exceeds seven years, most of them are in a pathetic condition, he said.

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