Girl arrested for liquor deaths

The Valangaiman police on Saturday arrested an 18-year-old girl for causing the death of her father and two others by mixing poison with the liquor they consumed unknowingly on Thursday.

The police said Ranjitha, daughter of Sait alias Ramarathinam of Keezha Amaravathy in Tiruvarur district, who turned 18 a fortnight ago, added poison to the liquor Sait had bought on the Deepavali day. She decided to kill him because he had allegedly been making sexual advances to her.

Sait partook of the liquor with his friends Devendran, Anand and Gajendran.

Devendran and Anand died along with Sait on consuming the drink.

Gajendran is being treated at the Thanjavur Medical College Hospital.

Further investigations are under way.

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