Funding education

Sir, - Your article `Private funding and higher education' (Dec. 26) by Mr. Pratap Bhanu Mehta: Many colleges and universities in our country today are becoming merely degree-producing factories.

The education system is moving away from its basic aim of bringing desirable changes in the behaviour of learners.

The quality of education in our universities is becoming poorer. The reasons being sluggishness of staff, poor coordination and, above all, lack of resources. These problems can be set right partly with private funding in this sector.

In addition, I would like to mention the neglect of areas such as basic sciences and social sciences. As they do not make much profit they are not attractive to private funding.

To overcome this, the Government should entertain private funding in other ``profitable areas'' first. This will lessen the burden on the Government. Then it can pay more attention to less-attractive areas.

Strategic participation of private sector will help lift the quality of higher education.

Shivakumar K. Radder,

Bareilly (U.P.)