Fulfil promise on cash payment of DA hike: PG teachers

VELLORE Nov. 24. The Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary School Post-Graduate Teachers Association has urged the Government to immediately issue orders to implement the assurance given by the Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa, to the representatives of the Joint Action Council of Tamil Nadu Teachers and Employees Organisations and Government Employees Organisations (JACTTEO-GEO) that the Government would consider their demand for payment of one per cent of the D.A. hike in cash, which was to be impounded in the General Provident Fund.

Talking to presspersons here today, the State president, S. Moorthy, and the State general secretary, Solai M. Ilango, said the Chief Minister gave the assurance to the JACTTEO-GEO representatives during the talks they had with her before their strike was called off last month.

The association also requested the Government to pay salary for the strike period. The Chief Minister had agreed to consider this demand in response to the JACTTEO-GEO offer that government employees and teachers would compensate for the loss of working days by attending duty on holidays.

School timings

The association pleaded for restoration of the old school timings as the new timings caused hardship to rural students studying in schools in towns. As per the new timings, the urban schools started at 8.30 a.m., while the rural ones at 9 a.m. Students in villages, who studied in urban schools, had to leave home early as they had to walk a long distance to catch the town bus. They had to skip breakfast and many of them fainted at school. In every urban school, there were at least 200 latecomers daily. The original timing of 10 a.m.-4.15 p.m. should be restored.

The association also wanted creation of eight PG assistant posts for handling various subjects in all high schools, upgraded as higher secondary schools. Mr. Moorthy said that while 120 high schools were upgraded as higher secondary schools this year, only three PG assistant posts (one each for Maths, Physics and Chemistry) were sanctioned for each such school.

The association also demanded payment of a double incentive increment to PG teachers who acquired M.Phil. or Ph.D. qualifications.