From the netherworld

Sir, — Your Editorial "A voice from the netherworld" (Nov. 22): The world seems to have forgotten September 11, which was intended to bring down the economic glory and pride of the United States. Once again, rising like a sphinx, casting his evil long shadows and causing alarm bells to ring, Osama reminds us that he is still a force to be reckoned with and that he is out to avenge the harm perpetrated on the Islamic world. It would do well for the U.S to first chase and capture this "phenomenon".

R.C. Parsa, Secunderabad, A.P.

Sir, — Osama seems to take pride in continuing as a potential threat to international peace. He cannot for long masquerade under religious facade with a head-in-sand attitude. The tiny spark in the ember of a ravaged flame should not be ignored. Putting it out at the earliest at any cost is an international imperative.

S. Srimoolanathan, Chennai