Forum to seek justice for Bhopal gas tragedy victims

Pondicherry Nov. 9. Volunteers of the different non governmental organisations and also the Confederation of the Government employees associations based in Pondicherry have formed a joint action committee to campaign for justice for the victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy that

claimed the lives of a large number of persons and caused injuries to several hundreds in 1984.

Briefing newsmen on the action plan of the committee here today, S. Ramachandran, who is also the convenor of the Environment Protection Forum and a functionary of the action committee said

a group of women activists of Bhopal formed a union in 1985 to procure justice to the survivors and also to the families that had lost their kith and kin in the disaster.

A global level campaign had been launched to procure people's support for the victims. Mr. Ramachandran said. Two of the women volunteers from Bhopal who were attached to the Bhopal Gas Victims Stationery Workers Union were also present.

A rally would also be taken out here on November 11 to seek justice for the victims.

Sambadevi Shukla, Secretary of the Union said survivors have been affected by serious ailments such as cancer. The children born of mothers who bore the impact of the disaster had congenital problems such as cleft palate and other physical dislocations, she said.

The volunteers of the union had been visiting several places within India and outside to mobilise people's cooperation for a concerted and sustained fight to get justice.The women activists were sad that the Union Carbide management had not cleared even the effluents.

The union's movement was also aimed at urging the concerned authorities to provide adequate compensation to the victims.

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